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Patrick Weaver is the founder and visionary of Patrick Weaver Ministries, and senior pastor of Abundant Life Ministries Church Without Walls, Oakland, CA.  A progressive thinker, author, charismatic speaker and innovative leader, Patrick is dedicated to sharing God's practical blueprint for success in life.

Affectionately referred to as the People's Pastor, Pastor Patrick's compassion for healthy families, love and relationships, and personal development inspires an anointed, bold "Real Talk for Real People for Real Power" charismatic teaching that ministers to the whole person.

Pastor Patrick is an evangelist for change, committed to uplifting and encouraging God's people to reach beyond their now.  Through appearances, life changing conferences and workshops, inspirational books and a global online presence, Pastor Patrick is impacting lives in church, in community and around  the world.

"We are never more capable of achieving greatness than when we align our faith with the principles of God and accept the responsibility for changing our world from the inside out."

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Here's more on Patrick:

Patrick Weaver is committed to the work of church.  Through a progressive and holistic approach to biblical teaching, Patrick navigates the people of God through the challenges, difficulties and breakthroughs in life for powerful living.

Patrick Weaver is a passionate advocate and inspirational coach for personal growth and development, mental and emotional wellness, and love and relationships.  His "Real Talk for Real Power," message of hope, healing and power, provides a practical, life changing application of the word of God for achieving our God given potential in life.

As Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Ministries Church, Oakland, CA, Patrick Weaver breaks down the walls of tradition and leads a movement of change through the uncluttered, practical application of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

From a childhood of abject poverty, dysfunction and alcoholism, to senior executive at some of the Nations top institutions, Pastor Patrick combines gripping testimony with delightful humor, powerful life lessons and soul stirring confirmation of God's amazing grace, to inspire and instill within people the desire to fulfill their God given potential in life with a sense of purpose, dignity, responsibility and destiny, and  to overcome, break through and be victorious in every area of life.

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