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Destiny Relationship Coaching

I am excited to offer the life changing, "Real Talk for Real Relationship" Destiny Relationship Coaching Session for couples and singles around the world.  The four week, one-on-one coaching session with Patrick Weaver is designed for couples and singles who desire the life, love and relationship that they deserve. 

The Destiny Relationship Coaching Session is being offered by phone and email to allow you to participate in this life changing experience from anywhere in the world.  In this four week intensive, private coaching session with Patrick Weaver, you will be stretched, challenged and inspired to awaken your powerful potential like never before.

During this rewarding, one-on-one four week coaching session you will apply powerful tools, exercises and Straight Talk feedback by phone and email, custom tailored to meet your specific goals and, lay a firm foundation for living and loving on purpose.

If you’ve read one of his books, attended one of his relationship conferences or follow him online, you know that Patrick Weaver's powerful "Real Talk for Real People for Real Power" teaching will propel you into your destiny like never before.

Four Week Program Overview

  • Week 1
    • Initial Phone Interview
      • Problem Identification
      • Goal Setting
    • Love Assignment
  • Weeks 2-3 
    • Progress To Goal Review
    • Assessment/Modification
    • Journal Assignment
    • Love Assignment
    • Tools and Support
  • Week 4
    • Success Interview
    • Love Challenge
    • Next Steps
    • Action/Love Plan 

Four Week Session Cost: $200.00

Request an off hour appointment or general inquires.



About Destiny Relationship Coaching

Now you can take advantage of Destiny Relationship Coaching from anywhere in the world.  Coaching clients participate in this four week, private Coaching session with Patrick Weaver by phone and email.  

Cost for the four week Destiny Life Coaching Session (Couple or Individual): $200.00
(Includes all materials, books and one-on-one coaching sessions from Patrick Weaver. Register online for the four week coaching session by booking Initial Phone Interview with Patrick Weaver). 

In this life changing, one-on-one coaching session, you will be challenged, encouraged to reach beyond your now and, to develop a powerful vision and action plan for your life, love and relationship goals.

The Destiny Relationship Coaching session is kicked off with a personal phone interview with Patrick Weaver to assess, define and set powerful, attainable goals for your four week session. Each week, Patrick Weaver will coach and guide you on your success journey through empowering feedback, tools and assignments custom tailored for your specific goals and objectives.

Week four will be a comprehensive review and evaluation of results and, the identification of life and love plans that will form the foundation for ongoing growth and success.  

If you are someone who desires more or who refuses to live beneath your potential -- in life, love and relationships, the four week Destiny Relationship Coaching Session will help push you into your destiny!

Who Can Benefit From Destiny Relationship Coaching?

Couples: Couples who are experiencing difficulties with or are being challenged by a lack of intimacy/emotional connection, unresolved hurts, outside influences, blended families, infidelity, brokenness, poor relationship/communication skills or, who believe their relationship is worth saving or reconciling.

Singles: Singles who are divorced, separated, finding self or dating who desire to heal and grow forward emotionally and spiritually for destiny love.  The common denominator in every relationship we have is self.  It takes courage and wisdom to plan ahead to be and attract the love we want.

Personal Growth:  Healthy relationships begin with a healthy relationship with ourselves.  Destiny Relationship Coaching is also for individuals who desire or need to heal and grow forward from history pains/traumas, emotional struggles, sabotaging fears or, who desire to take life, business/vision or ministry to the next level. 

Are you ready for your destiny?  If so, book your kick off interview for your four week Destiny Relationship Coaching Session with Patrick Weaver today, and start on your journey to living and loving with purpose and passion.

“Everybody needs a coach. The best in the world, from athletes to marriages, who desire to go their next level will benefit from a coach.  Coaching does not force us to be better, coaching challenges us to be the best we can and desire to be.”

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