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Built On My Saviors Standards (BOSS) is a life giving and empowering blog by Patrick Weaver. Be inspired daily by Patrick's Real Talk for Real People for Real Power!

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  • This Hell Is Helping You
      The trouble you’re going through is your divine transportation to your next level of power in Christ.  Your season of struggle is producing a harvest of divine wisdom, revelation and ability that you needed for your destiny. Trials come to make us stronger (James 1:3-4). No, they don’t feel good, they don’t seem fair […]
    Patrick Weaver
  • They Are Not The Right One If…
    No amount of love can make somebody do what they don’t want to do.  We get caught up trying to force people to love us back, love us the right way or to act like they even want to be in a relationship with us far too often. Who are these people that they should […]
    Patrick Weaver
  • Fan Your Faith Into Flames
    When we talk about faith, there are two different meanings.  Our faith, or our belief, is Christianity.  Our faith or our hope and trust is in God through the word of God.  Belief alone is half of it, power comes through our faith in God and the promises of God.  The bible puts it this […]
    Patrick Weaver
  • Trusting God In The Dark
    Have you noticed that when it’s dark outside, we will go where we need or want to go, and do what we need or want to do as long as we have light to see.  If we have a job to get to, a child to get to, a party to get to, darkness does […]
    Patrick Weaver
  • Your Storm Has A Purpose!
    Every storm shows up on God’s time and every storm has a purpose. When we figure out what that purpose is, we can use the storm instead of being used by the storm.  Trying to stay focused in the middle of a storm without trust, can be like trying to go swimming without getting wet.  Trust […]
    Patrick Weaver
  • Tell Hell No!
    The enemy is on assignment to mess with your head, play with your emotions and disrupt your praise (Revelation 12:9). The enemy is intentional, purposeful and knows how to make a lie sound like the truth (2 Corinthians 11:14).  When the enemy tries to break in on your praise, you have to put your armor […]
    Patrick Weaver
  • God Help Me Balance My Life: Part 4 of 5
    Balance Requires Making Changes When It’s Time To Change. The bible tells us that there is a time for everything. Some of the most difficult phases in our life come when we don’t recognize or refuse to accept the time — time to change, time to let go, time to move on or even time […]
    Patrick Weaver
  • God Help Me To Balance My Life: Part 3
    Part 3 of 5: Inner Strength Supports Our Balance. Life is always trying to throw us off balance.  The enemy is not playing fair, and when we don’t own our power and our strength, the enemy will control our balance. Why? When our stability is outsourced to people — the enemy is going to use […]
    Patrick Weaver
  • God Help Me To Balance My Life! Part 2 of 5
    Part 2: You Cannot Balance A Lie. The devil is a master at planting thoughts in our head that seem and sound like our own but are lies from the pit of hell. The enemy’s lies can have us so confused, that we start writing off our future, denying our potential and speaking death over […]
    Patrick Weaver
  • God Help Me Balance My Life! Part I
    Day 1 of 5: Balance is not child’s play (1 Corinthians 13:11) God knows we all have had to deal with people and problems from our past.  How many times have you tried to put the past behind you or close the door on your history but it keeps popping back up? When the past keeps […]
    Patrick Weaver